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How the Consistency Lens™ Works

Among the thousands of mutual funds available, there is a huge variation between the returns of the best and worst funds in any category. The Consistency Lens™ is a potentially effective means of reducing that range of uncertainty by:

  • Evaluating performance over three year rolling periods which may offer a more effective analysis of a fund manager’s skill over time.
  • Using six returns-based factors that can be applied to determine when a fund’s manager produced higher average excess returns and average lower downside risk.
  • Helping to identify funds that may be more suitable for certain “life stage” categories (e.g., accumulators, pre-retirees, and retirees) by varying the weightings of the six factors.

Tap Into the Power of Consistency

Now you can arm yourself with the powerful Consistency Lens™ to enhance your fund evaluation process and demonstrate your value. Explore the resources below:

  • Diagnostic Report: Get custom analysis of over 7,700 funds across 24 Morningstar categories for A, I, C and R share classes. The Consistency Lens is designed to evaluate actively managed, diversified open-end mutual funds; as a result, there are some categories — passive funds, allocation/target date funds, sector funds — that are excluded from the universe to provide you only the most reliable results. Request a report by using the form on the right or contacting your Voya Representative.
  • Investing 360o Learning Module: Learn the analysis behind Voya's Consistency Lens™. This online course has been approved for CE credits.
  • Whitepaper: Read more about applying the Consistency Lens™ to fund evaluation including the six factors that suggested repeatable, consistent results over time.